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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Lees SummitHave you been considering teeth whitening? During your exam and treatment at our Newton dental office is a great time to ask us about teeth whitening.

There are many reasons your smile can become stained, yellowed, or dull-looking.

  • Your teeth may not naturally be perfectly white
  • You may drink a lot of tea, coffee, or wine that can permanently stain your teeth
  • You may smoke or chew tobacco
  • You may have a taste for highly pigmented food like cherries, chocolate or curry
  • You may be on medication that discolors your teeth
  • You may be aging and experiencing darkening or yellowing of your teeth
  • Old metal fillings may have leaked mercury onto your teeth causing stains

You can have teeth whitening done in the comfort of our offices – or your own home using a take-home whitening kit option. We use the safe, comfortable, non-invasive teeth whitening system, which can brighten and lighten your stained tooth enamel by up to eight whole shades.

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